" BEABA, a French mother and baby brand, has launched a series of water cups in China to help babies grow up. As a brand of sustainable development, BEABA, a mother and child brand from France, has been designing a variety of unique and innovative infant products since 1989, committed to bringing the best products to consumers, to solve various pain points in the process of consumer parenting, but also to cater to the new generation of parents pursuing practical and beautiful mind. BEABA water cup series, suitable for infants from 4 months to 3 years old at all stages of demand, scientific and simple design with French romantic color, become the mother and baby category favorite, from the learning stage has been accompanied by children until the complete independent drinking water. "

Latest product

First of all, we should give our children a good example and at the same time, we should also use some things to help children grow up healthily. This soft baby engine support is made of high-quality polyester and fine plush. Hold the baby's head and protect the sleepy baby with our baby headrest! This is essential.Baby Head Support - The delicate, short plush of this safety neck support won't wear away your child's face, it's very soft and comfortable. Can give the baby enough security.So why do we use such an anti-tilted head pillow for children? Because long-term use of one position duri...
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